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Do you also love Cannabis? And are you willing to share your knowledge and experience with the rest of the world? Here is a chance for you to showcase your knowledge about cannabis and writing skills for the world to read.

We at Canadian Grow Solutions want to give you an opportunity to share your passion for writing about Cannabis with everyone who would love to read. You have the knowledge, and we have the platform together we can spread every important information related to marijuana Cannabis weed. We here encourage the writers to bring in Informative, good quality, and captivating ideas. Writers are free to do freelance work and write content remotely to be published on our platform, where they can get global recognition and appreciation. 

Canadian Grow Solutions is a flourishing and rapidly growing space on the internet. We here acknowledge the talent of budding and experienced writers and give them space to create their identity within the circle of cannabis enthusiasts. We like to give our readers new, engaging, and educational content. Our writers help our readers to know no different effects of Cannabis, weed, or marijuana and about their medical or recreational effects. 

Our reach is expanding, with new readers and writers joining us every day. Our readers expect to get illuminating content from us, so we also give our writers a chance to write on different topics other than Cannabis too. We also give them a platform to showcase their knowledge in different fields from which our readers can benefit. For this, we neither pay nor charge the writers. Our sole focus is on availing a platform where people can get to read premium informative and educational content. 

The cannabis circle

Join our team of writers and share your knowledge on Cannabis, Marijuana, CBD, Weed, Hemp, Cannabinoids, CBD oil, stocks, business opportunities, harvesting techniques, Shrooms and many more. You can always stick to one niche, or you can create content for different niche and portray your range of knowledge. 

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  • Get the opportunity of joining our rapidly growing circle.
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  • Get an opportunity to share your knowledge with cannabis enthusiasts. 

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General guidelines

  • You can choose topics that you are comfortable with. You can increase your horizon and try different topics to connect with the readers.
  • You will be allowed to publish the article only once on our website. Using it again for any other website or personal use will not be permitted.
  • There are no hidden charges. Publishing your article won’t cost you anything, nor will you be paid for the same.
  • Plagiarism should be avoided at all costs. The writers have to follow the copyright laws and have to abide by the rules. Copying content is not permissible.
  • Please submit images as attachments with your article.
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