Why is medicinal cannabis important? 

Medicinal cannabis is an organic medicine derived from the Cannabis plants. These are high-quality medicines that are legal and can be used only when prescribed by a medical professional or a doctor. There are a …

Why is medicinal cannabis important? 

Medicinal cannabis is an organic medicine derived from the Cannabis plants. These are high-quality medicines that are legal and can be used only when prescribed by a medical professional or a doctor. There are a number of medical treatments where medicinal cannabis is needed. There are even certain medical conditions where the side effects of the treatments can be as painful. Medicinal cannabis will target these side effects and let the patients feel better. 

When modern medicine was unable to give proper relief to patients suffering from chronic pain and illnesses, CBD and cannabis products have helped them. The hope that cannabis gives to patients makes it really important for the medical industry. It motivates the patients to live a better life. A hope that many people had left because of the constant pain and suffering they had, even after depending on modern medicine to curb it. When nothing works, people lose their hope of getting better and living a normal life, but since cannabis has entered the scenario, all of this has changed. The relief they find after the use of cannabis is nothing like they experienced before. It not only relieves them from physical problems but also helps them relax mentally, which is just what they need. More and more medical practitioners and doctors depend on cannabis for the effects it provides. Doctors agree that their patients have experienced a lot of relief since they have been prescribing cannabis.

Let us have a look at the problems where cannabis is as helpful as modern medicine.



People who have epilepsy can understand what it feels like to lose control. Epilepsy patients live under a lot of mental stress as they don’t know when and what can trigger an epileptic episode. Also, the fact that the person has no control over it and neither can he do anything to stop it makes it even more embarrassing and stressful for the patient. Stress is really bad for such patients as it can further trigger the condition to make it worse than it already is. After depending on modern medicines for a long time, such patients can find themselves losing all hope. Some patients even stop going outside as they are embarrassed and believe that nothing can reverse this. This is where the doctors start prescribing cannabis to them. It can be in any form, like their favorite strain, or maybe in the form of chocolate edibles. Along with modern medicines, when these patients are given cannabis, they feel more relaxed and have recorded lesser episodes. The use of cannabis gives them the motivation to go outside and have a normal life like others. They can be happy to do anything and everything they want, which they were afraid of doing earlier.

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This is another problem where normal medication can sometimes not provide the relief that the patients need. This is again a problem related to stress, anxiety, and mental status. People who have PTSD know that any small mental trigger can worsen their condition. They are often kept on high medications to aid them in trying to get back to a normal life. But the mind is really hard. It needs proper care and relaxation to be able to accept whatever comes its way. These patients are not always benefited by modern medications; they need something more. This is the point where the doctors prescribe extra care and add cannabis medications to help the patient. Once the patient has had cannabis, their cannabinoid receptor gets activated. The cannabis in the system soothes the mind by giving it the relaxation it needs.

Joint pain

There are many people who suffer from some or other condition where they get joint pain. To some extent, it is bearable and can be treated with general medicines prescribed by the doctor. But in certain cases where it becomes chronic, even modern medicines are unable to cure them. This is where cannabis and CBD strains play an important role. Sometimes people suffer from chronic pain for many years. Some might have had a terrible accident; some might get it as a side effect of some treatment, while most are because of old age. When you are constantly in so much pain for a long time, you start believing that you cannot get better or feel better, for that matter. At such desperate times, you don’t always need desperate measures. Sometimes just a slight change in the course of action might help. In this case, the doctor can prescribe cannabis as a supporting medicine, and the patients can feel a lot better from the first consumption itself. Everything that seemed impossible will seem achievable after its consumption. Once the effect of Trips ahoy or white runtz kicks in, the patient will feel a new surge of energy. This is the power of cannabis when used as medicine.


There are many problems and issues people are facing today; not getting the right treatment and relaxation should not be one of them. Cannabis has been used for its medicinal properties for quite some time. When used as supportive medicine along with modern medicine, it has proved to be extremely effective for the patient. This makes cannabis really important because at the end of the day, providing relief to the patient is the ultimate goal.

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