Top Indica strains that help with joint pain

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Got tired due to joint aching? Well, one of the ultimate solutions to alleviate all these are- Marijuana Strains.  If you are a pot smoker, then marijuana strain is …

medical marijuana plant flower for pain

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Got tired due to joint aching? Well, one of the ultimate solutions to alleviate all these are- Marijuana Strains. 

If you are a pot smoker, then marijuana strain is no more new to you. It has held significant popularity since the classic era. Besides that, you can find cannabis even at the dispensary. It is kept legal in certain states because marijuana consists of a number of recreational and medicinal purposes. 

Typically, this crop contributes significantly to treating the full body with the utmost freshness and rejuvenation. Seems interesting? Well, it is so. After all, that’s an incredible substance that gives calmness and relaxation to your mind and body. 

However, did you know marijuana strains are classified into three distinct parts:-

  • Indica Strains 
  • Sativa Strains 
  • Hybrid Strains 

So, a bit confused with these scientific names? They are originally the characteristic of every strain. The differentiated part is often restricted to the THC level. Some weeds hold high while few hold a low state of euphoria.  

Thus, if you wanna try this out once for a pain-relieving objective, know these in detail. This will give you better insight and considerable knowledge. So, let’s get started. 

The Most Commonly Asked Question: INDICA VS SATIVA?

Indica comes with a shorter and bushier leaf. It possesses a significant impact on the body that stimulates relaxation and helps you with pain relief. Along with that, this is considered effective for driving sleep and stimulating appetite. 

Wondering what the best time to consume it is? For a better result, consume during night time. 

And, Sativa comes with a taller and slimmer leaf. Now, easy to differentiate, right? However, it triggers your head highness and boosts the creativity level. Intrigued? Once consumed, this will deliver a lasting impact on your energy level. Unlike relaxation, it increases your alerting behavior. That’s very much important. 

And, for your information, it’s effective to consume Sativa during the daytime. 

Thus, both Indica and Sativa have their own benefits and characteristics. You need to select the strains based on your requirement. 

Now, if you are tired of the pain and facing couch locking effects, choose the best Indica strains. This will integrate all your discomfort and aching to cure insomnia and other anxiety problems. However, you can always Buy Indica Online by facilitating comparison. So, let’s get started to explore the top Indica strains that help with joint strains. 

Incredible Indica strains for dealing with joint pain  

Indica strains have a completely different impact on the body. It can treat varieties of medical illness and deliver comfort and relaxation over and above. To your knowledge, this kind of strain has been prevailing for a long time. And thus, you have hundreds of options to select the best one. However, few of the incredible Indica strains are- 

The Classic Strain: Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple founded its way back in 2003. Later, it became popular as one of the fruity strains that broadly dominates the existing market. Since it contains 70% of the Indica, there’s no chance to miss this product. 

This type of strain contributes crucially in balancing THC level of 17% to 27% and nearly 7% of CBD level. Besides that, it works wonderfully for curing insomnia and comforting the muscles. 

That’s quite enough to make your body feel warm and cozy. You are bound to enjoy your day with utmost zeal and zest. However, you can search online to catch additional knowledge on how to select strains. 

The Brightening Strain: Northern Lights 

Out of all the marijuana strains, Northern Lights holds a very pungent smell. It leaves you in a dreamy world where escape is not possible. This kind of strain holds almost 95% of Indica to pamper your pain and alleviate it quickly. 

Subsequently, it holds THC levels that range from 16% to 26%. This makes you feel light weighted and easy. So, bid adieu to burden and enjoy your day with a bright kick start. Now, no more sleepless nights with depression and anxiety. You are free from all the pain and negative effects. 

Therefore, try it now and check out its effect on your health. There won’t be any pain to your muscles or bone. You can lift up the entire day with utmost delight. 

The Humble Strain: OG Kush 

OG Kush is hitting the trend with 19% of THC levels. It is considered one of the strongest forms of strain. Founded naturally in California, that delivers euphoric adventure with a delightful experience. 

It releases a bit of sweet and basic pungent that allures the users to try once. Besides that, it cures several more issues like- 

  • Frequent feeling of Nausea 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Depressive mood swings 

To know more about OG Kush Strain read this article : Experience quick and exhilarating high with Gangster OG Kush Strain

Master Kush

Originated naturally from Afghanistan, it is always a popular choice for dealing with arthritis. Along with that, it helps you with the severity of inflammation and alleviates headaches and cramps significantly. 

Master Kush is always an ideal choice to cure spinal injury and give relief to your body. It keeps your mind at peace and heals migraine for a sound sleep. You can easily find this strain in your nearby store. 

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 is known as an intensive strain for those who are severely suffering from sleep. As the name suggests, it glues you to the couch, so your body feels relaxed and composed. 

These sticky buds contain THC content of 25%+. It can treat your body and make you feel high and active. Once you consume, it will release all the pain for a lasting impact. 

Good enough to start focusing on your work without hanging for pain. Especially consumed by newbies or beginners. One of the additional properties of Gorilla Glue is that- it becomes sticky to your fingers. So, use it safely. 

Thus, Indica strains are the medicinal backbone that fights against pain and ensures relaxation. It boosts up the appetite and improves your sleeping pattern significantly. A right and prescribed consumption are enough to treat the joint pain. Try and share your views.

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