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What is THC Crumble? To put it very simply, THC crumble, or Weed Crumble is a highly concentrated form of weed with THC levels ranging between 60% – 90%. Most of us know that THC isolates are a concentrated …


What is THC Crumble?

To put it very simply, THC crumble, or Weed Crumble is a highly concentrated form of weed with THC levels ranging between 60% – 90%. Most of us know that THC isolates are a concentrated THC form and are popular among weed connoisseurs. But if you are looking for a form of weed that is more potent than the THC isolates, then THC Crumble is your best friend for sure.

In essence, THC Crumble is one of the various forms of cannabis concentrate. To understand what cannabis concentrate is, we need to understand a bit about the cannabis bud structure. Almost every strain of the cannabis plant bud is covered by small outgrowths known as trichomes. These trichomes are the powerhouses where cannabinoids and terpenes are synthesized.

So they are high in THC content compared to the entire bud. To prepare weed concentrate, the makers will separate the resin that is present in the trichomes. This provides the highly concentrated THC devoid of any other impurities and plant material. These weed concentrates can contain up to 60 to 90% of THC if manufactured the right way. There are many kinds of THC concentrates – Shatter, Sugar Wax, Budder, and THC Crumble being most commonly used.

Can I make weed crumble at home?

The extraction and production of weed crumble are extremely complicated and dangerous to take up at home. It isn’t a DIY product. However, you can always buy it from reputed companies.

How is THC crumble different from the other forms of THC concentrates?

Cannabis crumbles crumbly in texture, as the name suggests, and is yellow. THC’s overall appearance crumbles reminiscent of a honeycomb, giving it its famous moniker – the honeycomb crumble.

The THC crumble manufacturing is similar to that of the other concentrates, the major difference being in the temperatures. After the initial solvent extraction stage, the remaining product is exposed to the solvent at low temperatures for more extended periods during the manufacturing process. This helps the solvent evaporate gradually.

This method of production has two advantages – the complete flavour profile of the cannabis strain is retained. Secondly, any risk of damage to some of the ingredients due to high-temperature exposure is completely avoided.

Both of these advantages make weed crumble, one of the purest and most sought-after forms of weed concentrate.

THC CRUMBLE and two jars

How can I use THC Crumble?

If you are planning to try out THC Crumble for the first time, you may feel confused and intimidated. Fret not. We have all the information you need. Read ahead!!

There are three common ways of using THC crumble – Smoking, Vaping, Dabbing.

Smoking Weed Crumble :

If you are trying weed crumble for the very first time, we think smoking is the easiest way for you to try it. Since weed crumble doest burn up on its own, you will mix it with dry cannabis or a cannabis flower. You can then introduce this mixture to your joint or your bong pipe, light it up and then inhale the goodness.


Vaping has become quite popular recently, so much so that various kinds of vaping devices are available to choose from, right from small portable, easy-to-use devices, to bigger more complicated ones. With the increased popularity of weed crumble, manufacturers are designing vaporizers and vaping devices to specifically vape weed crumble. You will simply add the weed crumble to the chamber and then enjoy the flavorful weed vapours.


While both the above methods are equally used, a third method is quite popular called Dabbing. You will use either a dab rig or a dab pen to inhale THC concentrates in this method. For example, with THC Crumble, you will place the crumble on the metal nail. You will heat it with a blow torch and then inhale the fumes through a mouthpiece. For the uninitiated, a dab rig or a dab pen is somewhat similar to a bong.

What are the benefits of using THC crumble?

THC Crumble is manufactured at low temperatures, making sure that the flavours stay intact. Crumble also has high levels of terpenes adding to the flavour factor. We also know that THC crumble very high levels of up to 90% THC. Both these factors provide a wonderful experience for those who want to use this crumble for recreational purposes.

Medicinally, weed crumble provides excellent relief from anxiety, pain, depression, and insomnia. Those suffering from chronic conditions and looking for higher concentrations of THC will greatly benefit from THC crumble.

Where can I Buy THC crumble?

As we mentioned earlier, THC crumble manufacture is a complicated process and requires high levels of skill and expertise. Always look for sellers who are reputed and have good reviews to back up their quality and authenticity.

Buying the weed crumble from reputed sources is risk-free and ensures that you get the best value for your money while enjoying the full benefits – medical and recreational- from the weed crumble.

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