Spark of Life Full Spectrum is a CBD oil that contains four different blends of Cannabinoids carefully extracted from organically grown hemp. These high quality Cannabinoids include CBD, CBD-V, CBG, THC-V (which isn’t to be confused with THC). This product contains no THC!

CBD-V has been linked to relieve neurological disorders like Parkinson’s, epilepsy, seizures, and pain. CBG has been known to help reduce inflammation and boost the immune system to fight health conditions like Crohn’s and IBS. THC-V can help lower anxiety and appetite. It may also help with depression.

For first time users we recommend 1/2 a drop. For best results we suggest leaving the oil under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. Adjust the dose according to how well your body responds since it will differ from person to person.

Ingredients (50ml bottle): MCT Oil, Full-Spectrum Cannabinoids (CBD 14mg, CBD-V 2.36mg, CBG 1.64mg, THC-V 2mg). No emulsifiers, glycerin, or alcohol.