Everything You Need To Know About Sour Tangie Strain

Sour Tangerine, commercially known as Sour Tangie, is an absolute win-win due to its rich taste and high potency. If you are someone who loves smoking citrus strains, you will have nothing but love for …


Sour Tangerine, commercially known as Sour Tangie, is an absolute win-win due to its rich taste and high potency.

If you are someone who loves smoking citrus strains, you will have nothing but love for this. Owing to the orange peel & diesel flavor that it has, some people prefer calling it Orange Tangie or Tangy Diesel.

Most people prefer using or smoking this strain in the day as it usually induces a creative high and fills you with energy.

This strain is an effective mix of old genetics with the new ones, and it manages to get the best of both worlds.

What Does It Taste Like?

To put it in simple terms, Sour Tangie has three main flavors that are dominant. They are orange, citrus, and diesel, which might sound like a strange mix, but they blend seamlessly together.

Vaping them using a flower vape will allow you to get the best possible taste out of it. While using paper to roll this strain and smoke, you burn the paper along with the mix that’s inside.

This brings its taste down a few notches. If you have your eyes on this strain, buying a flower vape is worth it

Sativa Or Indica. To Where Does It Belong

While buying sour strains, it is really important that you check if they lean towards Sativa or Indica. Sour Tangie has a really high Sativa reserve.

You can call this effect “euphoric,” and this is exactly why it raises your creative spirits up. If this strain is left to mature and grow completely, it’s going to taste even better and will also be highly potent.

The Perfect Genetics A Strain Needs To Have

Sour Tangie manages to get the best qualities from its parent genes. Sour Diesel and Tangie are the two strains that form the base.

These genetic hybrids were first brought to life by Dutch seed banks and breeders, which is why you can buy Sativa online.

Compared to the other strains that are currently on the market, Tangie is pretty new. The incredible high and the pump of energy that it offers might quickly get you addicted, and you might overuse it.

Rich THC & Strong Potency

An increased THC level is directly proportional to the potency that a plant has.

It is normal to find a regular Sativa hybrid with a THC level of 14%, which is no comparison to Sour tangie strain, which has 19% THC on an average.

If the crops grow until they get completely matured, they might even reach a THC level of about 22%.

You should be very careful while using a strain with such high THC levels as it makes it so easy for you to get overwhelmed.

The Flowering Cycle & Yield

Sour tangie strain has a rapidly growing speed as the crops start flowering within 7-9 weeks. If you want to make the most out of your harvest, you’ll have to allow your Tangie crops to grow until they are completely mature.

Only when your plant grows to its full length, the Orange and the diesel flavors would start seeping into the buds.

Sour Tangie is also famous for its yield, which is usually around 2 ounces per square foot. This is not much, but keeping the quality in mind, we really can’t complain.

Some Extra Tips

Growing the Tangie breed is not going to be an easy task. You need to keep a check on a lot of conditions to grow good Tangerine crops.

These crops are going to be tall when they grow. To prevent the stem from breaking and bending, you will have to support them (like bamboo).

And most importantly, you should ensure that light could reach to the bottom of your crops.

If not, you might have to cut short the top fan leaves to allow the light to penetrate inside. Following all these would increase the yield to a significant amount.


Diesel and Orange have the title for being the two best flavors among the cannabis community.

Sour tangie strain manages to blend them both in a way that co-exist, giving you an immersive flavor.

It is also not too expensive. People have been using the strain to produce edibles, oil, and wax, each having their potency level.

In some cases, people use this strain to treat depression, although this has pretty much become a staple when it comes to relieving stress.

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