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Mimosa is a new star in the cannabis world. It is a cross of Clementine and Purple Punch, this strain has gathered acclaim for its extraordinary fruit juice, citrus skin fragrance, and pleasurable mid-level buzz. Like the drink, there is no terrible chance to appreciate Mimosa; however, in case that you appreciate excessively, the direction of your day will require some changes. With its partners being the Clementine and Purple Punch strains, you can’t expect anything over a tasty mixed drink like posterity, for example, the Mimosa.

This flavourful strain offers a glad and lively high that is time after time, followed by an instance of the munchies, so have a lot of food close by. It additionally assists with incessant pain, so it’s extraordinary for those with issues, for example, joint inflammation or fibromyalgia.

Mimosa is a Sativa-predominant half breed (70% Sativa: 30% Indica) strain, which was reared by consolidating the Sativa Clementine and the Indica Purple Punch. Its ubiquity has been consistently developing since its appearance on the cannabis. Smokers of Mimosa weed love this present strain’s cerebral high and elevating impacts.

Medical advantages

Mimosa has numerous health advantages because of its Sativa-predominant hereditary qualities. Both limonene and linalool are accepted to hoist temperament. Then, beta-caryophyllene is accepted to be a powerful pressure reliever.

Accordingly, it is not really astonishing that Mimosa‘s belongings incorporate reducing feelings of anxiety and treating disposition issues, for example, despondency. Mimosa is viewed as a viable pain reliever, helpful for treating migraines, joint, and strong torment, among other pain conditions.

Mimosa‘s stimulating impacts are incredible for victims of constant weariness who are searching for a truly necessary jolt of energy to assist them with overcoming a bustling day. Mimosa‘s capacity to reduce sickness is evaluated genuinely low, similar to its utilization as a craving enhancer.

Mimosa contains a lot of the accompanying terpenes:

• Limonene

• Beta-caryophyllene

• Linalool

Effects of Mimosa

  • The fundamental negative reaction that individuals get with smoking Mimosa weed is dry mouth. Smokers of this strain rate this symptom at ten out of ten for seriousness.
  • The following most noteworthy appraised reaction is dry eyes. In a lot more extraordinary cases, a few people report feeling uplifted nervousness, unsteadiness, just as gentle hits of distrustfulness.
  • Beginner smokers less familiar with strains with higher THC substance are bound to encounter these negative effects.
  • Another symptom related to smoking Mimosa weed is hard-hitting and crash that is experienced later in the day after the underlying euphoric high and empowering buzz has worn off.


In this conversation, we talked about Mimosa strains and their subtleties. For additional requests, feel free to email us at customerservice@canadiangrowsolutions.com.


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