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Candyland Strain is characterized as a Sativa-dominating hybrid. Candyland‘s THC content seems to fluctuate altogether, relying upon the power of the specific strain that you get your hands on. Its THC levels can be fairly gentle, around 14% all things considered, yet its THC levels have been recorded at 19% and an amazing 24%, making Candyland maybe more qualified to a more experienced cannabis smoker instead of a beginner.

Candyland has a cannabichromene (CBC) level of 0.329. CBC is a non-inebriating cannabinoid, which ties with receptors in the body connected with pain recognition, which, when actuated, can assist with reducing pain.

Candyland‘s high beginnings off with a sentiment of happiness which tightens bit by bit, leaving the smoker feeling upbeat, elevated, and empowered; it’s an extraordinary decision for the recreational just as the therapeutic cannabis smoker.

Medical Advantages

  • Candyland‘s elevating high makes it an incredible pressure reliever just as a powerful remedy to mind-set issues, for example, wretchedness and tension.
  • Its CBC content makes it useful for treating ceaseless pain conditions, for example, joint inflammation.
  • Smokers of Candyland weed state it assists with lightening migraine pain just as solid and lower back torment.
  • Known for initiating rest, make this strain compelling at checking the impacts of exhaustion. Giving you an increase in vitality to assist you with boosting your day.
  • Candyland‘s utilization of an antiemetic and as a hunger enhancer is evaluated moderately low at around five out of ten by Candyland weed smokers.
  • Restorative cannabis smokers hoping to treat the negative reactions of chemotherapy, for example, sickness, won’t discover this strain as valuable as other alternative strains out there.

Effects of CandyLand

The fluctuating degree of THC, and accordingly, the strength of Candyland has prompted some beginner smokers to reveal inclination more restless, red-eyed, and somewhat suspicious after smoking Candyland weed.

The main reaction related to the Candyland strain is dry mouth, evaluated at ten out of ten for seriousness. Equally as negative is Candyland‘s dry eyes reaction, which Candyland weed smokers rate at the vast majority of.

Nonetheless, these negative impacts are, fortunately, not so normal and are appraised at three out of ten or less.


In this conversation, we examined the Candyland strain and its belongings and health advantages for people. For additional subtleties, feel free to email us at


Is Candyland a decent strain?

Despite the fact that it tends to be Sativa prevailing, it isn’t known to be shocking. With THC levels arriving at 19%+, the strain can be exceptionally intense. Candyland instigates sentiments of mental concentration while giving help all through the body. This strain can be successful in treating sadness, agony, tension, and ADD.

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