THC Crumble Information

What is THC Crumble? To put it very simply, THC crumble, or Weed Crumble is a highly concentrated form of weed with THC levels ranging between 60% – 90%. … Read more

Strawberry Banana Strain

Hybrid, Strains

Strawberry Banana Strain

Strawberry Banana Strain is a hybrid strain created when you cross Banana Kush and Strawberry versions of  Bubble Gum strains. It’s known for its high-THC … Read more

Blue haze strain

Hybrid, Strains

What is Blue Haze Strain

Blue Haze refers to an award-winning Indica dominant hybrid that calms, relaxes, and soothes. It comes as a result of a pairing between the Blueberry … Read more

Tropicana marijuana Strain

Hybrid, Strains

Tropicana Strain Information

What is a Tropicana Strain? The Tropicana strain refers to a hybrid cannabis strain that is normally bred by crossing the Indica dominant Purple Punch … Read more

Candyland strain

Hybrid, Strains

Candyland Strain Information

Candyland Strain is characterized as a Sativa-dominating hybrid. Candyland‘s THC content seems to fluctuate altogether, relying upon the power of the specific strain that you … Read more

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