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Is Low THC Really The Biggest Trend in The Cannabis Industry?

Yes! I know you know a lot about CBD and its benefits to humankind. It has been quite a while since the news about the CBD and its potential therapeutic effects are circulating. As such news is increasing exponentially, and so is the buzz to try CBD products. 

Of course, cannabis has been among us for centuries and so the CBD!!! It has proven itself as an optimal alternative treatment for a multitude of medical issues. It has a massive inclination over the health-related issues- physical or mental. 

Today, let us consider why CBD products or let us say low-THC Products have created a hype? Can it be the next big thing in the Cannabis Industry? 

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What is CBD Flower?


CBD Flower is a dried bud from a hemp plant or cannabis plant (at times). Also referred to as “hemp bud”. The popular hemp plant is enveloped with a load of CBD cannabinoids and thus possesses an oodle of medical benefits. Moreover, CBD flowers are more potent and take the potential to a higher capacity. 

On the other hand, unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound without any intoxicating effect. Thus, it can bring therapeutic benefits without giving any high to the consumer. The CBD flower can be turned into various and innovative products like CBD oils, tinctures or topicals. 


What is Low THC Cannabis?


For decades, THC is termed as “floral hemp” and has ruled the world. However, in comparison to all the other cannabinoids, THC exploration and utilization did not succeed enough. Moreover, CBD has taken over the throne as the icing on the cake. 

Like high CBD cannabis strains are extracted from hemp or cannabis plants with high CBD content; similarly, the low THC cannabis is extracted from the respective hemp plant. To the least, the THC content can be 0.8% and less. 

As we see, there are two types of THC- high and low! And, the best part is that a low THC cannabis can be grown quickly and almost anywhere. However, high THC cannabis is intense and brings paranoia to people who consume such strains. This makes the low THC strain more prevalent and a safe kind of strain to incline towards. 


Cbd strains in a man's hand

Some of the Popular low THC strains


Fast Eddy


A balanced and CBD rich strain has multiple functional and optimal benefits for humankind. It has an aroma of a combination of skunk and citrus. With a unique terpene profile, this cannabis strain is herbaceous, flavorful and bright. It is perfect for managing and treating pain and inflammation, along with stress.




A Sativa dominant strain has skunk parents and was bred as early as in the 2000s. The best part is that the effects of this strain are just like its name- euphoric. It uplifts the mood and makes one social overall. Moreover, it also energizes certain users and may not be the right choice if you’re seeking a good sleep. 


Painkiller XL


This is an all-rounder cannabis strain that aims to provide benefits in the form of relief to every consumer. Therefore, if you are suffering from pain or inflammation, this is the strain you must turn to. 


Easy Bud


As the name suggests, this bud eases the consumer and mellows them out. Yes, you will not get couch locked after administering this strain, but you will feel sleepy. It relaxes you and thus indirectly induces sleep. 


Combination of CBD Flower and low THC Cannabis – Why is it so popular?


The only reason why the CBD products skyrocketed was because of its benevolent properties to humans. Most importantly, it has helped patients to manage and treat certain medical conditions that showed no adverse response when administered over-the-counter medicines fail to bring positive effects. 

Strains with high CBD strain have high CBD content, and low THC content is potent in treating the health ailments. According to renowned research by the experts and cannabis enthusiasts, THC and CBD’s ratio as 1:1 is the best for use.

Before you administer any CBD products, it is advised to consult a medical healthcare professional. Of course, you do not need to be authorized to take these products. But, it is always better to be prepared in terms of what you are investing in your body.