How to dry cannabis: Incredible Guide (2020)

Hey, your buds are ready to harvest. Does your job end here? Or probably, the real work begins? Sounds a bit tricky? When you find lady crops growing, it’s the right time to harvest. And …

Girl on peach color top drying cannabis

Hey, your buds are ready to harvest. Does your job end here? Or probably, the real work begins? Sounds a bit tricky? When you find lady crops growing, it’s the right time to harvest. And the more precisely you dry cannabis, the more you get high. So, when you harvest and collect hard-earned buds, dry it naturally. 

Ever wondered how to dry marijuana for long term use? No, there’s nothing like rocket science. But, it requires attention to every minute detail. Let’s explore incredible ways to dry cannabis. This will help you to preserve its quality for medicinal effects. 

Common Ways of Drying cannabis 

Hanging buds in the darkroom 

There is always a correlation between the quality of cannabis and the darkroom. Experts always suggest storing and drying the weeds in a dark room. Make sure you have rightfully trimmed and chop off from the branch. However, the trimming machine also works here well. 

Besides that, an ideal temperature of drying weeds is 60°F and 70°F. It requires almost 45% to 55% of humidity levels. For the best result, you can use the air conditioner to stabilize the temperature and humidity pressure. 

Confused? How long should the weeds be kept for drying? 

It is essential to leave your marijuana for at least 5 days. But, you need to regularly check the condition and freshness level. To let it dry from all sides, keep rotating evenly. 

Tip: If you find the flowers are crisps and branches are a stud, your weed is ready to use. 

The usage of brown bags 

If you are facing a problem with drying weeds, use Brown Bags. It works perfectly when the size of the bud is too small. Generally, it requires more time to dry naturally than using brown bags. So, if you are running out of patience, try this technique. 

How to use Brown Bags?

Harvest the bugs and place them into the brown bag. Ensure that the bag is cleaned and odor-free. Keep it into a cooler corner where the exposure of light is minimum. Let it pass at most six days. Once the period gets over, you can pull them out of the bag. 

Woah! It is ready to use. Try this easy-to-go and DIY tip for a supernatural drying. 

Female sorcerer drying cannabis in a room

Are you seeking other ideas to dry Cannabis?

Well, using a laptop can also help you with the drying process. No, there’s no harm to your accessory. You just have to fill your bag with marijuana and place it over the laptop vent. And wait for the magic. The heat within the device will effectively dry the weed. 

However, for the best result, you need to keep rotating the bag after every ten minutes. Check. Repeat. Check. This is how you can dry quickly. 

Drying cannabis plants in sunlight

Sun Drying Method 

Have you ever heard before – Sun Drying Method? If not, at least you can openly guess it. Here, you have to place weed under the sun. With direct exposure, it will remove humidity and yield crispy marijuana. This is applicable only when there is scorching sunlight. 

You can place a paper to test the quality of the weed. Do not forget to hang cannabis by putting it into a brown paper bag. Otherwise, excess heat can burn the weed. 

Placing Weeds into a Boiler Room 

Did you try drying weeds with a boiler room? Well, did it work? This is considered one of the ideal methods for drying off cannabis right within three to four days. The boiler contributes significantly to maintaining the levels of the temperature. Either keep weeds into a brown bag. Or rightly hang weeds with a string.  

Drying cannabis plant in boiler room

Which are the benefits of drying Weeds?

Irrespective of whether you are drying weeds naturally or instantly, it holds a significant range of benefits. And, if you are a true smoker, there’s no way to sneak off. And, the benefits are-

  • Reduces the possibilities of a user getting paranoid 
  • Brings out the fresh and aromatic essence from drying 
  • Eliminates the unpleasant or irritating smell while chopping off
  • Facilitates with a disciplined structure when use after drying 
  • Minimizes the effect of chlorophyll 

Therefore, you can consider these points to dry the weeds and get the best out of it. Follow these easy and convenient processes. Share your experiences as well once you try it. 

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