High Voltage Detox Double Flush Simple Review

Detoxing your body is good for your health. High Voltage Detox Double Flush is one of the products used for detox. It was created with Double Flush in mind to enhance performance. Being a combination …

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Detoxing your body is good for your health. High Voltage Detox Double Flush is one of the products used for detox. It was created with Double Flush in mind to enhance performance. Being a combination of the capsule and liquid detox, High Voltage Detox Double Flush is capable of flushing high levels of toxins out of your body.

Double Flush uses a high voltage detox 7 hour cleansing combination. The effects of these products will start being felt in 4 hours and could last up to 12 or 13 hours. During this time, the product removes all the toxins in your system.

It has different tastes, and each taste has different characteristics. You can get the most out of Double Flush by taking it in the right dosage. Doing so will remove harmful toxins from your body through urination or excretion. 

This high voltage detox product is meant to help users pass lab tests, whether for court or airport pass. When you drink Double Flush, it will flush the urine full of metabolites and cleanse your body.

This will see you pass a lab or court test. You should only use the product if you have high levels of toxins in your system. 

Remember that Double Flush comes in a wide range of palatable flavors. You should choose an ideal flavor depending on your needs and preferences.

For the best results, remember to follow instructions when using the product. Thankfully, all the instructions are included in the package. 

What Is It Made Of?

Being a high voltage detox 7 hour product, Double Flush is a blend of B vitamins. This creates various herbal and nutrient extracts to eliminate unwanted contaminants and toxins in your system.

The product aims to keep you healthy and prevent the pile-up of toxins in your body. It works within a few hours and is ideal for those looking to pass drug tests. 

The product contains a wide range of nutrients necessary in the cleansing process. After using Double Flush, you should take 20 ounces of water.

This supplements the product and gets you in the right shape. After that, you should wait for about 15 minutes, then drink another 20 ounces of water.

This is supposed to replace your system’s water because you will urinate frequently. Drinking water gives the system ideal conditions to get rid of harmful toxins. 

After three average urine sizes, the double flush will start breaking down the toxins. If you are having challenges urinating, you can increase your water intake.

You will have no problem urinating when sufficient water is in your system. However, you might have challenges urinating if you are dehydrated. 

The high voltage detox 7 hour process will start if everything goes according to plan. During that time, the product will get rid of all the toxins in the system for about an hour. Even better, the product is portable and can always carry it anywhere.

How To Use It

Using the High Voltage Detox Double Flush is easy. You only have to sip it.

The effects can last up to an hour, depending on the amount of toxins in your system. The sooner, the better.

If you want to get rid of high voltage toxins in your body before a drug test deadline, you are encouraged to use high voltage fast flush capsules. 

You can also go for 16oz liquids that have similar effects. Before using the product, you should clean your mouth thoroughly. This ensures that the product is not contaminated at the point of consumption.

Given its efficiency in getting rid of toxins, the product is sold as a way of detoxifying the system. Nonetheless, the product is mainly used by people scheduled to take urinalysis tests.

Double Flush works through weaknesses, getting rid of harmful toxins in the shortest time possible. You should use it regularly if you want to detox your body. You should avoid using harmful products that could affect the progress made by Double Flush. 

If you intend to use Double Flush to eliminate toxins that could make you fail a drug test, you should use it a few hours before the test. Using it a few days before the test will not work.

While the product is effective in helping get rid of toxins, you should lead a healthy lifestyle for long-term effects. For instance, you should exercise regularly to help burn down unnecessary body fats. This also helps get rid of harmful toxins through sweating.

Overall Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of High Voltage Detox Double Flush.


  • It contains the much-needed B-vitamins
  • It has creatine, which makes urine look natural
  • It has a wide range of diuretics that stimulate urine output
  • It is effective in getting rid of toxins from the system


  • It might not help with other types of drug tests other than urine
  • It only guarantees a 7-hour window
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