Gorilla Glue #4 Strain Information

Are you looking for a marijuana strain that will put you into the perfect couch-locked feel? Then look no further than the very famous Gorilla Glue # 4. This celebrity strain is quite popular for …


Are you looking for a marijuana strain that will put you into the perfect couch-locked feel? Then look no further than the very famous Gorilla Glue # 4. This celebrity strain is quite popular for its medical and recreational uses among veterans. With a high THC content and slightly Indica-dominant strains, GG4 strain is your perfect companion for the ultimate high and complete relaxation. Read ahead to know more about this wonderful strain and where to buy gorilla glue in Canada.

The strain has won several awards, including the Michigan Cannabis Cup, Los Angeles Cannabis Cup, and the High Times Jamaican World Cup.

The Origins:

This perfect and popular strain has equally popular predecessors. Gorilla Glue #4 strain is the brain-child of GG strains. It was created as a hybrid between Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel.

Let us take a quick look at each of these strains.

Chem’s sister:

This strain is also known as the Chemdawg’s sister or Chem Sis. It is an Indica-dominant strain with Indica and Sativa standing at 75% and 25%, respectively. This strain has high THC levels averaging at 18 to 25%.

The buds of Chem’s Sister are characterized by the presence of spade-shaped, light green-colored nugs. Vivid-orange hairs give the bud a bright flamey appearance, while the crystal white trichomes covering the bud give it a frosty appearance.

When you smoke this strain, you will experience a classic citrusy diesel flavor, which turns bitter as you exhale.

Veterans love this strain for its instant heady effects that slam fast and hard. You feel an unfocussed euphoria and immense happiness. The best part about this strain is that it doesn’t cause the slightest sedation, one of the reasons it is quite popular.

Chem’s sister is used to treat conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, and mood swings.

Sour Dubb:

This strain is also known as the Sour Dubble. Extremely popular among bubble-gum lovers for its unique flavor profile, Sour Dubb is a Sativa-dominant strain. Sativa is at 60%, while Indica characteristics are at about 40%. THC levels average at a high 26%.

The buds are characterized by the presence of bright green nugs. While most of the other strains have a frosty white appearance, the buds of Sour Dubb have a flamey appearance due to bright orange hairs and trichomes.

As we already told you, you will love Sour Dubb if you love bubble-gums. The flavor profile is a mix of super sweet and sour giving you that fruity bubble gummy smooth feel as you exhale.

The first swig of Sour Dubble will fill you with extreme happiness, which slowly grows on you. You feel completely alert and utterly relaxed. The best part about this strain is it doesn’t cause sedation. You can enjoy blissful relaxation and enjoy yourself. Planning to have a party with friends? Sour Dubb is a must-have strain on your list.

Sour Dub can treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic stress and pain, and loss of appetite.

Chocolate Diesel:

True to its name, you can enjoy the perfect aromas of chocolate and diesel when you smoke this strain. Chocolate is a Sativa-dominant strain with Sativa at 60% and Indica at 40%. THC levels average at a high 25% to 30%.

The buds of Chocolate Diesel remind you of popcorn, only maybe green-colored popcorn. The bud is covered with tiny nugs, all shaped like popcorn and dark olive-colored. Like Sour Dubble, this strain is covered with bright orange hairs and frosty trichomes.

This extremely delicious strain has a wonderful flavor profile. As you take your first smoke, you will taste the chocolaty deliciousness, followed by diesel overtones. As you exhale, you will feel all the flavors come together, creating a wonderful feel.

With your first toke of this strain, you will experience a total head-hit that then leads into a completely unfocused state. You can completely relax with no care. As you continue smoking this strain, you will feel completely stoned, with sleep sending you into a blissful stupor.

This strain is perfect for those suffering from chronic fatigue, chronic depression, mood swings, etc.

With such wonderful strains going into its creation, GG #4 strain turned out to be wonderful too and is quite popular among its users. So much so that it is one of the highest in-demand strains.

This Gorilla Kush strain is famous for its combination of euphoria, relaxation, and couch-locked feel. The Features:

GG #4 strain is an Indica-dominant strain with Indica at 60% and Sativa at 40%. The THC content is at an extremely high of 32% – one of the reasons it is trendy. Keep in mind, though, this strain is strictly for veterans and absolutely not for day time use.

The Look:

The appearance of the buds also inherits well from all of its parents, doing them complete justice. The buds are covered with tiny forest green colored buds. The nugs are covered with flaming orange hairs and orange and white crystal trichomes giving the buds a unique appearance.

So, why the name Gorilla Glue? Well, try to cut these buds, and you will find the scissors getting coated with strong resin that is quite sticky.

The Aroma:

With your first toke of this delicious strain, you will be hit with wonderful chocolatey diesel flavors. You will experience undertones of chemicals and coffee. As you exhale, the flavors turn sweet with undertones of pine with a peppery after-taste.

The Feel:

Gorilla Glue #4 is popular for its long-lasting effects. With your first toke, you will feel the euphoria slowly building up. As you go on, you gradually experience an energy build-up along with relaxation and happiness. You will find yourself in a state of blissful unawareness that turns into a complete couch-locked experience.

The Therapeutic Qualities of Gorilla #4 Strain:

The high THC levels also render some therapeutic qualities to GG #4. This strain is preferred for its ability to treat chronic conditions such as bipolar disorder, ADHD, PTSD, and extreme cases of stress, depression, and anxiety. It is also useful for migraines, insomnia, and appetite.

So, if you are looking for a high THC strain that is delicious and can render qualities such as euphoria, couch-locked feel, and complete sedation that lasts for long, you must try GG #4.

Where to Buy Gorilla Glue in Canada?

You can buy Gorilla Glue #4 In Canada from registered marijuana dispensaries. Many online. You can use online marijuana dispensaries to buy GG #4. Always look for online reviews and ratings before buying from a website in Canada. This way, you can buy the best Gorilla Glue in Canada.

Gorilla Glue #4 – The Profile:

Characteristics: Indica/Sativa: 60/40

THC: 32%

Lineage: Chem Sister, Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel

Flavors: Chocolate, Diesel, Peppery, Pine, Sweet, Pungent.

Terpenes: Peppery, Herbal, Citrus.

Aroma: Chocolate, Diesel, Chemical, Sweet.

Buds: Forest green, with orange hair, and a mix of orange and white frosty trichomes.

Effects: Full Body Melt, Full-on Buzz, Heavy-handed, couch-lock, deep relaxation, euphoria, happy, uplifting

Can treat: ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite.

Side effects: Dry mouth, dry eyes, Dizziness

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