5 Most Effective Cannabis Strains For Chronic Fatigue Relief

If you still believe that smoking or consuming cannabis in any of its form will turn you into a zombie, you need to rethink. Although there are certain strains that help with insomnia or can …

Cannabis strains for chronic Fatigue

If you still believe that smoking or consuming cannabis in any of its form will turn you into a zombie, you need to rethink. Although there are certain strains that help with insomnia or can make you lousy, there are cannabis strains for chronic fatigue relief as well. And this article is all about such strains.

But, before we head on to know about these strains, it would be significant to learn more about what is fatigue and what causes it.

What is Fatigue?

The most common symptoms that characterize fatigue include tiredness, lack of motivation, mental exhaustion and a feeling of drained energy levels. Usually, fatigue is considered to be of two types- mental and physical. A person suffering from mental fatigue would usually struggle concentrating on something, whereas, someone suffering from physical fatigue would lack the energy to perform routine tasks. For example, if you are easily distracted when studying, it can be a symptom of mental fatigue. On the other hand, if you are struggling with routine tasks such as cooking, driving, or even climbing stairs, it can be referred to as physical fatigue.

Some usual causes of fatigue would include lack of sleep, over-exercising, physical ailments, anxiety, stress, and depression. Most importantly, wrong lifestyle habits are the leading cause for increased fatigue levels.

Cannabis Strains for Chronic Fatigue

If you’ve been struggling with fatigue for quite a long time now, here are the bet 5 cannabis strains that can be of help to you.

Gorilla Glue #4

A slightly Indica dominant cannabis strain, Gorilla Glue No. 4 is one of the most effective cannabis strains for chronic fatigue. If you read this article, you’ll find a lot of technical information including the flavors, composition, and its effects on your body. To summarize it all, however, this strain can give you a combination of high energy while also helping you feel relaxed. Sour-diesel flavors are a perfect blend for every toke connoisseur.

Blueberry Cookies Strain

Particularly, if you’re struggling with mental fatigue, you should try Blueberry Cookies. This strain can help you relax, while alleviating the stress, pain, and depression symptoms. Most importantly, this strain has close to none side effects, unlike other strains. 

Black Mamba

Although very high in THC content, Black Mamba is still one of the most effective strains to help with chronic fatigue. It’s mood uplifting effects and energizing flavors are a perfect combination for smokers. Additionally, this strain also does not make you sleepy, like many other strains containing high THC would. Moreover, it is also a great way to curb mental fatigue. You can read this article for more information about Black Mamba strain.

Gangster Kush

One of the most revered cannabis strains, as the name suggests, Gangster Kush has a legendary lineage. Highly potent, flowery flavors and resemblance to the original Kush strain, this hybrid is most suitable for regular tokers. Unlike any other, Gangster Kush does not make you feel starving, it has a mildly euphoric and uplifting effect. Read this article for in-depth details of Gangster Kush strain.

Purple Candy

Lastly, the Purple Candy with its slightly sweet flavors and scented fruity aromas, is also an exclusive when it comes to alleviating chronic fatigue. However, this strain can still make you feel a bit sleepy and overly relaxed, only if consumed too much in a single session.

Even though you now know that these cannabis strains can help you with your chronic fatigue issues, it is still recommended to consult with your doctor before consuming them for medical reasons.

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