If you’re thinking of running a CBD operation, you should know the regulations before stepping into this industry. From the zoning to the type of equipment you need to get started, there are many things to handle. Here are some things to know before getting a cannabis extraction system.

Make Sure You’re Clear on the Zoning Regulations

If you’re thinking about purchasing an extraction system to start your Cannabis business, make sure you know the zoning codes first. Remember, this can be a delicate business in specific territories. Be clear on the property and how you can use it to your advantage.

If you pull the trigger too early, you may be paying an arm and a leg for an expensive facility that’s not up to code by your state’s regulations. Additionally, your facility may not be the ideal size to handle an operation such as this one. You need to know the type of land the building can be on, the size of the facility, and the property lines.

Take all of this into consideration before you begin acquiring extraction equipment.

Be Careful When Choosing Extraction Equipment

You can’t pick your equipment solely from branding and advertising. Make sure you know what you’re buying because chances are you may have a faulty system, or it doesn’t perform as expected. Inspect everything to ensure that it’s certified.

Authorities require that all equipment and equipment systems used in a processing facility are certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. In other words, the equipment needs certification by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to meet safety standards. It’s best to get this done because extractions can be expensive.

Backtracking due to not having the correct certifications or a third-party review when buying the system can cost tons of money.  

Set a Realistic Budget

Doing this type of operation isn’t cheap. It’s not a low-rent process where you can skimp on the process. However, planning things out ahead of time can prepare you for the regulatory process and saves you time and money. It’s more than having the right extraction equipment because jurisdictions and Cannabis protocols change quicker than other industries.

Extraction is dangerous, and it’s imperative to have things up to code to ensure the safety of the staff and the facility. Take cautious steps to help you get the most out of your extractions.