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THC Concentrates

Canadian Grow Solutions has a ton of strains in different concentrates that are used to help get rid of all medical conditions, such as anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, or any type of muscle pain, hypertension, and other such issues that a human body may face. The weed available on our dispensary is the best one in Canada that can be shipped nationwide.

We have different features that allow a customer to shop for their required concentrates and make the best of their use. The weed concentrates that you buy from here are guaranteed to be pure and the best ones that you can find rather at any other online dispensary.

There are various concentrates that you can look at our website to select and buy that you want the most. We have got them all.


The concentrates can be found in hundreds of products. These are made specifically from the cannabis plant with processing that keeps only the most needed plant compounds that are cannabinoids and terpenes while removing all the other impurities. The concentrates that you can get at Canadian Grow Solutions are.


Shatter is a cannabis concentrate extract created by using a combination weed solvents along with the plant materials. It is a golden like amber concentrate that can even break if it fells on the ground. You can get the best shatter concentrate at our store all in different forms.

Live Resin/ Rosin

We also have Live Resin, and Live Rosen concentrates for you. Live resin is a solvent-based extract of cannabis from BHO that is made with fresh frozen plant material. We have different qualities of Live resin available here.


Live rosin is a solventless extract that is made out of bubble hash when pressed properly when it is freshly frozen with flowers. This extraction process for getting live Rosen captures the live terpene of the plant without using any of the solvents. You can get a variety of Live Rosen concentrates here.


Cannabis Oils or the concentrated oils are extracted from certain cannabis plants, and they either have more or less THC or CBD cannabinoids in them, depending on the material from which they are extracted. To get the best oil, we have them available in all different forms that you can buy from here.

Budder Wax

Budder Wax is an oily and softer in texture concentrate that has bright orange coloring and is quite easy to handle. There are different forms of budder available on Canadian Grow Solutions that you can buy.


Hash is the original cannabis concentrate that is also sometimes called Hashish, which was discovered in very early times. It has a mellow high, and it is huge in demand all over the world. You can get both types of hash at Canadian Grow Solutions, such as Dry Ice Hash as well as Bubble Hash.


In this discussion, we discussed the concentrates of Canadian Grow Solutions that you can get to buy easily from our online dispensary. For more questions or any details, leave comments below.


What is the contrast between Shatter and Hash?

Hash oil normally comes in syringes or cartridges for vape pens, and so forth. Shatter is a reason like substance that breaks into pieces without any problem.